Peugeot launches Mu 'mobility scheme'

* Rent cars, scooters, bikes and more * i-On electric car part of scheme * In the UK by end of 2010...

Peugeot launches Mu 'mobility scheme'

Peugeot has launched a novel city-based rental scheme to take advantage of its full range of vehicles available through dealers.

Called Mu, the scheme allows users to exchange points for time in a range of vehicles, including scooters and bikes.

Points can also be used to borrow a range of accessories, from roof boxes to child seats.

Peugeot cars, vans, scooters, bikes and accessories can all be booked online (or through an iPhone app) and collected from Peugeot dealers.

Although Mu is being launched in Paris, following a successful trial in five other French cities, the scheme will come to London later this year, as well as Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Madrid and Milan.

How much will it cost?
Rental prices in Paris range from 65 (325 Mu points, or 57) a day for a 207 CC, to 215 (1075 Mu points, or 188) for a weekend in a 407 Coupe.

Every model in the Peugeot range is up for rent, including our Car of the Year 2010 the Peugeot 3008, which can be rented for the weekend for 160 (140). The euro to Mu exchange-rate is 1 (.87p) for five Mu points.

Renting a van for a day costs from 65 (57), while a scooter costs from 17 (15) for a half day. An electric bicycle costs 5 (4.36) for a half day.

A roof box can be borrowed for 20 (17) a day.

All prices include insurance, and in the case of scooters, helmets and rental jackets.

Mu will be particularly attractive to younger drivers users must be over 18 to register but the same flat rate applies whatever your age.

i-On electric car
Peugeot's i-On electric car, due in the UK by September, is expected to play a big part in the Mu scheme.

Not only will it be available to rent, but anyone buying an i-On (expected to cost around 20,000) will have access to Mu should they want to borrow a car for a longer journey.

Mu points can be purchased online, while points can also be added if customers use a Visa concierge service to book tickets.

Although Mu will come to London at the end of the year, it will be available only in Peugeot-owned dealers. It is expected to roll out across the entire UK in 2011.