Political policy: Conservative

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Political policy: Conservative

As well as plenty of new cars, were also going to have a general election next year, so we asked the Conservatives, Green Party, Labour and Liberal Democrats to give us their take on transport policy. Heres what they said

Improving road safety is an important goal for us. A key part of our strategy is ending the expansion of fixed speed cameras. We want to see a shift to better ways to improve road safety, such as vehicle-activated signs.

We will introduce a range of measures to combat congestion. For example, we will take a tougher approach on road works. We will also publish information behind decisions on where traffic lights are sited so drivers can decide whether they are cutting congestion or causing it.

We will crack down on rogue clampers, too, holding them to a code of conduct and giving drivers a right of appeal.
Underlying this is a real commitment to a greener and more efficient transport system. Carbon-emission reduction is central to our policy. This can be achieved by forging ahead with lower-carbon transport options and a green car revolution, as well as saying no to a third runway at Heathrow.