Postal strikes threat to drivers

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Postal strikes threat to drivers

Drivers have been warned that the forthcoming postal strikes may cause havoc with insurance and road tax renewals.

The AA says that drivers could face fines or risk having their cars confiscated if the delivery of insurance documents and road tax discs are delayed by the strike action.

Risk of fines
Many drivers renew their road tax online and their discs are then posted to them. However, while the national road tax database should be updated to show that a car has been taxed, if the disc doesn't arrive, then drivers risk a fine for not displaying it.

Missing insurance documents pose more of a risk, especially for owners who leave it late to arrange their policies something made more likely because insurance renewal reminders are also expected to be delayed by the strike.

A spokesman for the AA said: 'If you renew in plenty of time, then the insurance database should be updated, but if you leave it until the last minute you might not be on the database and you'll be unable to produce an insurance certificate if the police stop you.

'We would call on local authorities and the police to take a common-sense approach during the postal strikes.'

Ensure you're insured
Drivers who want to check that their car is listed on the Motor Insurance Database can make a free search at