Premium sound systems for all

* JBL MS-8 upgrades your current car stereo * Gives you a sound system of premium car quality * Cheaper models on their way...

Premium sound systems for all

Car audio specialist JBL says all cars will eventually have sound systems of the quality that only premium cars currently have.

The start, says JBL, is its MS-8 System Integration Digital Processor. It boosts the quality of your car's current system without having to add amplifiers or speakers.

'Eventually, this will be in all cars,' predicted Mark Hockey of JBL's parent company Harman UK.

The MS-8 optimises sound for up to eight channels, while its digital signal processing (DSP) equalisation and correction automatically improve the stereo's sound and compensate for the characteristics of the car's speakers, electronics and interior.

When the system is set up, it automatically optimises the sound for up to four seating positions inside the car, so the sound hits your ears at exactly same time no matter where you are sitting.

The MS-8 is not cheap, costing around 600, and it's recommended that a professional installer fits the MS-8 as it can take three hours to install. However it is certainly cheaper than buying a premium sound system.

We've tried the system in an Audi A4 and it seems pretty good. Imagine turning on your TV, then turning on your cinema surround sound system and you will get an idea the difference the unit can bring to a standard fit stereo.

The MS-8 will be followed by a smaller cheaper model. Called the MS-4, it will cost around 350 and is on sale next March.

The product line up will be completed with a Pocket DSP that requires no special installation users will simply plug it in to the car's AV socket. It will cost less than 200.

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