Promoted: Hertz Rent2Buy - take your next car on a five-day test drive

If you’re buying a used car, take the time to make sure it’s right for you. With Hertz Rent2Buy you get five days to decide – you just need to use that time wisely...

Promoted: Hertz Rent2Buy - take your next car on a five-day test drive

Cars are among the biggest purchases we make – yet many people make their decision based on a short test drive. Frankly, a 15-minute trundle on dull, roundabout-strewn roads near a car showroom isn’t going to tell you whether the car you like is right for you.

If you’re in the market for a used car, Hertz Rent2Buy offers a more in-depth alternative – a five-day test, giving you plenty of time to make sure that your chosen car really is The One.

Hertz Rent2Buy is simple: just take your pick from the used cars on offer at You can search a variety of criteria including car model and location. Even better, there’s no need for haggling: the low price you see is the low price you’ll pay if you choose to buy it after a test. Then head to the Hertz branch where the car you like is, and pick it up for a five-day hire – just like you would a hire car.

So what exactly should you do on an extended five-day test drive in a Hertz Rent2Buy car? We’ve got some helpful suggestions.

Day one: Have the car checked out

Every Hertz vehicle is serviced regularly, and a full safety check carried out before you’re handed the keys – but if you want to be sure it’s sound, why not take it to your favourite local mechanic? That will give you the confidence the car really is in tip-top order.

Day two: Do an airport run

Know any relatives or friends heading off on holiday? Good: offer them a lift to the airport. You can test out how easy it is to load suitcases into your Hertz car’s boot, and make sure you can fit lots of people in. Just make sure your friends pay for the airport parking...

Day three: Take a drive in the countryside

The countryside? Well, you could go for a genteel picnic – but we’re suggesting you find a wonderful, winding country road and see how the car handles. A car isn’t just about commuting, shopping and practical trips: so find out if it puts a smile on your face.

Day four: Get stuck in a traffic jam

Aim for a traffic jam. Really? Yes: face it, wherever you drive you’ll eventually find yourself stuck in a big queue – so be sure any car you buy is comfortable to spend time in. Settle in, check out the stereo, play with the infotainment, and make sure the seats are nice and comfy.

Day five: One last drive – just to be sure

Have a final run in the car, and then it’s time to decide whether you want to buy. If you do, it’s easy: call Hertz and they’ll send you the paperwork. The rental fees are waived, and you can keep the car. Not for you? Then just return it to Hertz and pay the applicable rental charges.

To check out the Hertz Rent2Buy range, click here – and quote R2BUK50 to receive rental bonus points (Terms and conditions apply. See for details).