Reliability ratings

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Reliability ratings

In fact, according to independent warranty provider Warranty Direct, its likely that by a cars seventh year a list of costly components, such as air-con units or suspension systems, will need to be repaired or replaced, and will probably not be covered.

However, Kia is confident that customers will be aware of this because its staff are completely transparent about what is and isnt covered when the car is sold, and the full terms and conditions of the warranty are in the cars handbook. As an example, the first Ceeds are now entering the fourth year of their warranty period and Kia says theres been no backlash from dissatisfied customers yet.

The message the extra-long warranty gives out is a strong one for a company keen to establish a reputation as a reliable brand. Kia aims to become the worlds number
one car maker for customer satisfaction, says Steve Kitson, Kias communications director. Our seven-year warranty is a major step towards achieving that goal. We have immense faith in our products, and this is the best way we can demonstrate that to our customers.

Kia is working even harder to convince buyers in other parts of the world with longer warranties. Kia Motors America offers a 10-year limited warranty on its cars engines and transmissions.

Only time will tell how well the first UK Kias with a seven-year cover have fared, and if their long-term running costs are lower than other manufacturers cars, but the warranty shows Kias intentions are in the right place.
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