Renault Frendzy

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12 September 2011

• Asymetric design
• Part-car, part-van
• Will be at Frankfurt motor show

The Frendzy concept is the star of Renaults display. The electrically-powered Frendzy is the fourth car to showcase Renaults new design strategy, following the Dezir supercar, Captur crossover and R-Space MPV concept models.

Renault describes the Frendzy as a commercial business vehicle which can double up as a comfortable family car. The asymmetric body design is aimed at meeting both needs. On the drivers side, theres no central pillar, but a pair of centre-opening doors that provide easy access to the cabin.

On the passenger side, there's a conventional front door and, behind that, a sliding rear door that incorporates a 37-inch widescreen external display. Renault says that, for business, the screen can be used to display messages or information, such as 'making deliveries' or back in five minutes.

For family use, rear seats fold up from the floor. Those in the back can watch DVDs or play games on a touch-sensitive pad that slides out frm the back of the drivers seat. They can also draw on a blackboard-style slate thats integrated into the sliding door.

The cabin features leather latticework seats, removable accessories and extensive use of wood that Renault says echo the simple, yet practical, world of camping. The interior also includes a Blackberry Playbook.

A production version of the Frendzy isnt likely, but wed expect elements of the design could influence the next-generation Renault Kangoo van/MPV model.