Renault launches new Motrio tyre brand

* Prices from 36 a tyre fully fitted * Designed for older Renaults * Part of a package of spares...

Renault launches new Motrio tyre brand

Renault has become the first car manufacturer to launch its own brand of tyres, with prices starting from just 36 a tyre fully fitted.

The new Motrio tyres are designed for older Renault vehicles and, the company says, have been tested to deliver high performance in wet and dry conditions.

The Motrio Impulsion is for smaller cars such as the Twingo and Clio, while the Impulsion+ is designed for sportier models.

Renault says the tread patterns of both are designed to be quiet and offer decent steering feel, braking performance and long life for reduced running costs.

Tyres are the second most frequent reason for visits to a garage, says Renault, which hopes it can persuade owners to come to its own workshops for replacement rubber.

The tyres are part of a package of spares and accessories from Renault under the Motrio brand, which also includes batteries, oil, servicing parts and wiper blades.