Saab 9-2 could have BMW platform

* Small premium car not in Saab business plan yet * Saab looking to build partnerships with car makers * BMW signed deal to supply engines...

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What Car? Staff
6 Oct 2010 21:13 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

Saab could use a BMW platform for an Audi A1-rivalling Saab 9-2, following the announcement last week that BMW will supply it with engines.

The deal means BMW will make petrol engines for the new 9-3, due in 2012, which represents the first of what Saab hopes will be strategic alliances with bigger car makers.

'Traditionally, car makers would exclusively design and build products for their own brand,' said Jonathan Nash, managing director of Saab UK. 'The concept for Saab will be to use partnerships with existing players for our own products. There will be more of these announcements [such as that with BMW] going forwards.'

Speaking about the 9-2, Mr Nash said: 'The 9-2 is at the top of the wish-list, but it's outside of the official business plan. However, it will have collaborative developments with very interesting partnerships. It will share a platform of other components with A.N Other.

'BMW has a high level of confidence with our business plan. They didn't have to do a joint venture with Saab. You could speculate that if the venture with BWM petrol engines goes well...'