Sat-nav causes over 10 million damage

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Sat-nav causes over 10 million damage

Satellite-navigation devices fitted to heavy goods vehicles are responsible for millions of pounds worth of damage to property and road architecture.

The claims made by Network Rail and the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) say that HGV drivers are ignoring road signs and following unsuitable routes.

According to Network Rail, the annual cost of repairing damage to railway bridges, caused by lorries mis-directed by sat-nav devices is 10 million.

Meanwhile, the SPAB says that an increasing number of historic buildings are falling victim to sat-nav routes.

Pevensey Castle in East Sussex, a 300-year-old cottage in Greater Manchester and a 200-year-old bridge in Oxfordshire are just a few examples of buildings damaged by HGVs guided by sat-nav.

County provides alternative map
West Sussex County Council has produced a map that advises truckers to ignore their sat-navs.

The map comes after large volumes of complaints from residents that lorries have become lost in country lanes.

West Sussex's map includes 'advisory' routes for drivers and highlights dual carriageways and main roads.