Sealey PC2901

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Sealey PC2901

Sealey PC2901
Price: 144.12

Ease of use:
No tools needed and the pressure washer is ready to work within minutes of leaving the box.

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The PC2901 comes with an external detergent bottle that is perfectly adequate and provides plenty of foam. The washer is supplied with fan-style- and rotary pattern nozzles that are suitable for cars, garden furniture and hard landscaping. Performance is excellent with grime, moss and algae.

It is also a good-sized machine that feels light and easy to use while cleaning a car.

Sealey PC2901
Max water pressure: 120 Bar
Flow rate: 380 Litres/hr
Motor Power: 1700 Watt
Hose length: 8 metresStorage
The PC2901 stows neatly and with ease. There's a hose reel and storage for the pressure washer's trigger lance. The heavy-duty wheels make moving the machine a doddle, too.

What Car? says...
A tidy and compact machine that is up to all domestic jobs. Certainly worth considering if you are looking for a mid-price pressure washer suitable for a medium-sized property. It's nicely weighted, too.