Severe weather warning for weekend

* Severe storms across the UK * Roads affected on Friday night * Drivers warned to take extra care...

Severe weather warning for weekend

Heavy rain and gale-force winds have already begun affecting transport ahead of a wet and unsettled weekend. The Met office has issued flash weather warnings for several areas, and drivers are being warned to take extra care.

Worst affected areas are likely to be Wales, the south west of England, London and south east England. Wet weather will spread north over the weekend.

Driving conditions are likely to deteriorate through Friday evening, with strong to gale-force winds affecting the south. Severe gales of up to 60-70mph are expected in south west England later in the night, while heavy rain will create spray and reduce visibility on the roads.

Advice from the Institute of Advanced Motorists

Heavy rain Look out for shiny patches of lying water, leave a longer gap to the traffic ahead, and be ready to slow down when you need to.

Flooding Lower your speed and choose the shallowest route available; this might be the middle of the road, so if it's safe to do so, drive here. Use a low gear and keep revs high. Make sure you can see the way out before you enter water, and if it is too deep, or too fast-moving, don't risk it.You should also test your brakes after you have crossed the flood.

High winds Slow down you are more vulnerable to side winds at higher speeds. Leave plenty of distance between your car and the vehicle in front; take particular care when passing large vehicles and motorcycles, and be ready for side winds through gaps in buildings, or as you come out of a cutting.