Simple fix for scratched paintwork

* Stickerfix covers up minor scratches * High-quality paint on ultra-thin sticky film * Easy to apply, no messy paint...

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What Car? Staff
23 November 2010

Minor scratches in your car's paintwork can be remedied quickly and easily with a new product that makes DIY fixes as simple as sticking on a plaster.

The idea is simple: stickers coated with the same colour paint as your car are placed over the scratches and chips in the paintwork.

Called Stickerfix, the stickers are made of a thin film just 75 microns thick backed with an adhesive and then a layer of high-quality paint on top that matches your car's colour .

Applying the sticker is easy you just clean the area where the scratch is, put on the sticker and smooth it down. Stickerfix is an alternative to using touch-up paint, but it's easier and cleaner to apply.

The adhesive takes around an hour to stick, during which time you can peel it off and reapply if you aren't happy with the positioning.

You can also use Stickerfix to protect areas of your car that are prone to scratches, such as door and bonnet edges.

Stickerfix is made by AkzoNobel, a Dutch company that also makes paint for many car manufacturers, airlines and the McLaren Formula One team.

While prices have yet to be finalised, an A6 sheet of stickers, cut out in various shapes, is expected cost around 18. Find out more at