Stylish city slicker

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Stylish city slicker

Name Sidd Baker
Age 30
Drives Audi A3
Budget 20,000
Wants: 'A similar-sized three-door car that's stylish and fun to drive.

'I'll mostly be using it for city commuting, but it'll need to be able to handle longer trips at weekends.'

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VW Scirocco 1.4 TSI
Price 19,660
Target Price 18,643

Strip away the sexy styling and you'll find a Golf. That's a good thing, mind, because there aren't many better cars about. The Scirocco is great fun to drive and a very safe place to put your cash.  

BMW 118d SE 3dr, '08/58
Price 18,700

Okay, so the 'stylish' part is debatable you'll either love or hate the looks but the 1 Series is great to drive and should manage a whopping 62mpg. An engine stop-start system is fitted as standard. 

Audi S3 3dr, '06/56
Price 19,600

Sidd drives an A3, but this fiery S3 version would leave it for dead. Running costs are comparatively high, although it's comfortable, classy and has face-bending amounts of grip. The fun choice.