Superminis for less than 10,000

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Superminis for less than 10,000
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What Car? Staff
24 Jan 2013 17:09

The buzz surrounding the cut-price Dacia Sandero really seems to have shaken up the supermini market in general - and some rival manufacturers are now offering substantial discounts on sub-10k vehicles.

The Fiat Panda is an entirely respectable five-door city car, provided you're willing to accept the standard kit list and not go mad on the options. Still, you'll have extra cash for a few toys now that the Italian brand has slashed 1400 from the bill; our Target Price shoppers have found the 8900 model at just 7500.

Suzuki, meanwhile, is trying hard to offer better value than the Sandero; it has extended its 'Pay no VAT' deal to the humble Suzuki Alto, and the Target Price on a 1.0-litre SZ3 edition (which includes air-conditioning) has tumbled to 7233, a saving of more than 1300.

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