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26 May 2011

1 Lexus RX
Satisfaction rating 84.3%
Overall 3rd

The Lexus RX tops the SUV class for the third year in succession although it has slipped from the top spot overall in the survey, having been eclipsed by the
Lexus IS and Honda Accord.

The overall servicing experience was the main reason RX owners wore the biggest smiles in the class. Lexuss staff and facilities, in particular, were rated as the best the fact that the cars were always returned in tip-top condition after work at the dealer was complete was really appreciated.

The RX was also rated as an exceptionally practical car by owners, chiefly for its ease of access and the front- and rear-seat space. The boot was also big and easy to load and unload, while the location of storage spaces inside the cabin made life that bit easier for occupants.

Several aspects of driving the RX got the thumbs up from owners, mainly because they made it so easy to live with; the smoothness of the CVT automatic gearbox and the RXs effortless overtaking power at motorway speeds drew particular praise.

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Case study
Name Jo-Are Bjerke
Age 40
Lives Letchworth Garden City
Job Managing director
Model RX450h
Mileage with car 22,000

I like to get out and about, and in the Lexus getting there is a pleasure. I love how quiet my car is its just so refined. It also drives really well, striking a great balance between being fun in corners and riding well over bumps. I only wish it was more fuel-efficient. It wasnt all plain sailing for the Lexus, though: some owners struggled to get to grips with the audio and entertainment controls, and insurance costs were judged to be slightly high.

The only area where the RX didnt get maximum points was with the interior. In particular, owners thought that materials were too easy to scuff and that the floor mats were easily dislodged.

Other complaints were few and far between; the sat-nav could have been simpler to operate, while there were reports of some water leaks and battery failures.
So a strong showing from the RX, but the Honda CR-V almost stole its crown.

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