Tesla Roadster

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Tesla Roadster

Tesla Roadster
Price 86,950
Range 220 miles

Think of the Tesla Roadster as the Usain Bolt of electric cars it's that much better than everything else in the field.

It'll crack 60mph quicker than a Ferrari F430, go on to a limited 125mph and do up to 220 miles on a single charge. It also won the Editor's Award in the What Car? Green Awards 2009.

The only thing stopping us dishing out a full five stars is the price. It's pricier than most Porsche 911s, and considering it's based on a Lotus Elise, that's a lot of dosh.

The 2010 model (which you'll get if you order now) is 7000 cheaper than our 94,000 2009 test car. The newer model also has a lighter drivetrain and plusher cabin.

The Tesla doesn't corner as well as the Lotus it's based on, because those batteries add 370kg. Still, straight-line pace is awesome and, amazingly, its CO2 impact per mile is less than that of a G-Wiz. Tesla will also tailor the suspension to improve the handling if you wish.

Buy a Tesla and you'll also want a 2000 charging station, which cuts the charge time to 3.5 hours. It takes 16 hours for a full top-up from a 240v socket.