The 12 best used Porsches you can buy

A Porsche is a dream car for many – but some used examples are surprisingly affordable. To prove it, here are the best used Porsches for every budget.....

It’s no secret that some Porsches are among the most valuable and sought-after cars on the second-hand market.

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But while we’d be lying if we said a used Porsche is within reach when you’re buying on a shoe-string, you might be surprised by how accessible a very nice example can be.

Buy the right model, for example, and less than £10,000 puts you in a well-looked-after car in good condition – and with all the dynamism and performance for which the brand is famous.

So, to find out what sort of used Porsche you might be able to afford, browse through our guide. We've got the best used models for £10,000, £20,000, £30,000 and £50,000.

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Best used Porsches for £10,000

Porsche Cayenne driving through water

3: Porsche Cayenne (02-10)

The original Cayenne isn't as spacious as some rivals, but no other SUV available for this sort of money drives with quite the same verve.

Porsche Cayenne - interior

Porsche Cayenne interior

It can hack it in the rough stuff too – and, with its 911-esque styling and interior, the Cayenne still feels every bit a Porsche.

We found: 2003 S, 72,000 miles, £4200

2: Porsche 944

Porsche 944 front three quarters

The Porsche 944 is one of the best bargain classic Porsches out there. Clever weight distribution makes it a deft companion on a back road.

2: Porsche 944 - interior

Porsche 944 interior

What’s more, prices are picking up at the moment, so buying one now before they climb through the roof is a savvy move.

We found: 1982 2.5, 58,000 miles, £5475

1: Porsche Boxster (96-04)

Porsche Boxster rear three quarters

The original Porsche Boxster was one of its maker’s great success stories – some might even go so far as to say that it saved the company.

1: Porsche Boxster - interior

Porsche Boxster interior

It was immense fun to drive and, to an extent, brought Porsche motoring to the masses. Today, it’s one of the best performance car bargains around, and well worth snapping up before values shoots up.

We found: 2002 2.7, 37,421 miles, £8995

Best used Porsches for £20,000

Porsche 968 front three quarters

3: Porsche 968

As the final evolution of a line-up of cars that had started with the front-engined 924 back in 1976, the 968 took those cars’ famous poise and married it to a freshly updated 3.0-litre engine that developed an impressive 237bhp.

3: Porsche 968 - interior

Porsche 968 interior

Throw beefed-up suspension and brakes into the mix and it isn’t hard to see the appeal of the 968.

We found: 1994 Sport, 118,000 miles, £17,995

2: Porsche 911 (97-04)

Porsche 911 interior

The cheapest way to get into a Porsche 911 is this, the 1997-2004 generation (or 996). And while its controversial looks and iffy reputation will put some buyers off, these prices are not to be sniffed at, because they mean this 911 delivers a driving experience almost unparalleled for the cash.

2: Porsche 911 - interior

Porsche 911 interior

Reliability issues with earlier cars mean it's best to buy later models, and make sure there's a full service history.

We found: 2003 Carrera 2, 69,000 miles, £19,995

1: Porsche Cayman (04-12)

Porsche Cayman front three quarters

While the looks of the first-generation Porsche Cayman divided opinion, what can’t be denied is the fabulous driving experience its mid-engined layout offered.

1: Porsche Cayman - interior

Porsche Cayman interior

Early cars suffered with engine problems, but for this budget you can afford one of the later examples; even if you have to settle for the less powerful 2.9-litre model, it’s just as much fun in corners.

We found: 2009 2.9, 35,000 miles, £17,495

Best used Porsches for £30,000

Porsche 928 front three quarters

3: Porsche 928

Porsche’s big, brawny V8-powered grand tourer was arguably the most un-Porsche-like car the company had ever made when it first arrived on the scene, but crikey, it didn’t half turn heads.

3: Porsche 928 - interior

Porsche 928 interior

And it drove like a Porsche, too, with excellent handling for its size, while also fulfilling its brief as a muscular coupé that would cross great distances with ease. Nowadays, a 928 is a great investment, as that classic design means it’s only going to go up in value.

We found: 1990 S4, 46,000 miles, £24,989

2: Porsche Boxster (12-16)

Porsche Boxster front three quarters

For this sort of money, you can only get the lowlier 2.7-litre version of this generation Boxster.

2: Porsche Boxster - interior

Porsche Boxster - interior

But that doesn’t matter because, even in this form, the 2012-2016 car was a cut above its predecessor, delivering much-improved all-round ability combined with the scintillating driving experience you’d expect.

We found: 2014 2.7 PDK, 28,000 miles, £27,990

1: Porsche 911 (04-12)

Porsche 911 front three quarters

While every Porsche 911 is an object of desire, at the moment it’s the 2004-2012 version that looks like the best value of all.

1: Porsche 911 - interior

Porsche 911 interior

Prices aren’t exorbitant, and it’s every bit as fun to drive as its successor – indeed, some would argue more so. Early cars can suffer from engine maladies, though, so make sure you buy the best maintained example you can find.

We found: 2007 S, 65,000 miles, £26,990

Best used Porsches for £50,000

Porsche 911 interior

3: Porsche 911 (1993-1998)

The last air-cooled 911, and considered by many to be the most desirable 911 of all, the 1993-1998 generation (or 993) has shot up in value recently.

3: Porsche 911 - interior

Porsche 911 interior

All the more reason to get in while you can, even if all you can find for this sort of money is one of the less sought-after Tiptronic automatic versions. This version of the 911 offers a fabulously involving drive, unfettered by modern electronics, too.

We found: 1994 Carrera 2, 83,000 miles, £43,995

2: Porsche Macan

Porsche Macan front three quarters

While it isn’t the most practical SUV around, few can touch the Macan for the driving experience it offers. It’s even better than the pricier Cayenne and, what’s more, the Macan offers a more manageable size, not to mention price and running costs.

2: Porsche Macan - interior

Porsche Macan interior

It is, in short, a great used buy if you want a Porsche but need the practicality of an SUV.

We found: 2016 S Diesel PDK, 30,000 miles, £39,990

1: Porsche Cayman (12-16)

Porsche Cayman interior

Porsche made this generation Cayman for just four years before it was replaced with a new, more efficient – but less soulful – four-cylinder version.

1: Porsche Cayman - interior

Porsche Cayman interior

That makes it worth buying, simply to experience the glorious yowl of one of Porsche’s flat-six units. The rest of the driving experience is, as you’d expect, sublime, but try to find one with the optional adaptive suspension; without it, the ride is properly firm.

We found: 2015 S PDK, 29,000 miles, £38,990

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