The electric car that's a spa

* ZOE ZE electric concept car * Delivers health and wellbeing * Production vehicle due in 2012...

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4 Nov 2009 18:3 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

Renault has joined forces with Biotherm, the skincare arm of make-up brand L'Oreal, to develop a fully electric 'spa' concept car.

As well as being good news for the environment, with zero emissions, the ZOE Z.E concept promises positive health and beauty benefits.

Plastic surgery
The car's roof is designed to insulate against heat and cold and to optimise climate control. It can also recover energy using honeycomb photovoltaic cells.

A polyurethane gel shield at the front and back acts as a second skin to protect vulnerable parts of the body in a mild urban impact.

Because you're worth it
Want softer, younger-looking skin? The optimised climate-control system stops the cabin air drying out, so skin remains hydrated.

Air filtration and purification technology keeps the air clean, bringing further benefits for the skin.

Making scents
Biotherm's aromatherapy know-how has been harnessed to enhance the in-car atmosphere further. An electric system diffuses essential oils into the cabin, tailored to the needs of the driver.

In the morning these create a dynamic atmosphere, while on the way home in the evening it switches to something more relaxing. Night-driving calls for oils that help keep the driver awake and vigilant.

Time to recharge
It might take only a short journey for driver and passengers to recharge their batteries in the ZOE Z.E. The electric car's battery can be fired up even faster.

While a standard charge using an external socket takes from four to eight hours, a fast charge at a special charge station could take 20 minutes. An exclusive 'Quickdrop' system involves a rapid battery exchange and takes just three minutes at an exchange station.

When can I buy one?
Renault is planning to launch a mass-produced range of electric vehicles in 2011.