Too many drivers running out of fuel

* 43 drivers run out of fuel each day * Can cause safety hazard * Pays to plan ahead...

Too many drivers running out of fuel

Thousands of drivers are running out of fuel on motorways, according to figures from the Highways Agency.
Statistics reveal that 15,788 drivers ran out of fuel on England's motorways between July 2008 and June 2009 an average of 43 every day.

Drivers are being urged to check their fuel level to avoid causing unnecessary disruption and safety hazards for other motorists.

The Highways Agency's director of network operations, Derek Turner, said: 'The number of people breaking down simply because they have run out of fuel is alarming. It's not only hazardous to the driver and passengers, but to other road users as well, especially if their vehicle has to stop in a live lane.

'We want drivers to be aware of the risks and also to encourage them to check their fuel level before they set off. It's important that if you are travelling over long distances, that you continually monitor your fuel level.'