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More than 26,000 older cars have been traded in for new ones under car maker scrappage schemes. Use our handy tool to find out if your car is eligible for a scrappage discount and how much you co...

Try What Car?'s scrappage scheme tool

Car scrappage discount deals started appearing in 2017 in response to negative publicity about older diesel-engined cars. Discounts of up to £8000 are being offered on new vehicles – provided the trade-in was first registered before 2010 in most cases; petrol and diesel cars are eligible.

Ford is one of 17 car brands that are currently offering this special discount; since September 2017 it’s sold 17,362 new vehicles with this discount; that's 65% of all cars sold under scrappage schemes.

Other brands that are proving popular with buyers include Hyundai and Nissan, which have each sold more than 4000 cars. Nissan is also offering secondhand versions of its Leaf under the scheme and has reported that its scrappage total includes almost 900 approved-used Leafs.

Hyundai told us that owners of a diverse mix of cars took up its scrappage offer, including those with a BMW Z3, Jaguar XJ8 and Mercedes SLK 230. Mazda also had owners of fairly rare cars trading them in, including on Alfa Romeo Spider and an MG TF.

Mitsubishi reported that its Outlander PHEV was proving popular with scrappage buyers – sales of this model accounted for 46% of its sales total of 253.

If you want your older car taken off the road, it’s important to check the small print of scrappage deals before trading your car because not all the brands offering deals actually scrap them.

| Brand | Sales total | |----------|:-------------:| | Citroen | 120 | | Ford | 17,362 | | Hyundai | 4000 | | Mazda | 1133 | | Mini | 930 | | Nissan | 4000 | | Peugeot | 160 |

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