UK's traffic is worst in Europe

* More congested than any other country tested * Most congested cities are London and Manchester * Worst traffic blackspot is on the M5...

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3 Nov 2010 14:10 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

UK drivers spend more time stuck in traffic than counterparts anywhere in Europe, according to a new report by traffic management company Inrix.

The survey looked at traffic in six European countries and revealed that drivers in the UK spent more time in traffic than those in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. In addition, London ranks second after Paris as the most traffic-clogged city in the six countries analysed.

According to the companys findings, on average, a journey along the UKs major motorways during peak weekday driving hours takes 22% longer than the same journey would take in uncongested conditions.

The worst of the worst
The survey also revealed that the worst place and time to be on the road in Britain is in Manchester on Fridays from 5-6pm, when a journey takes on average 56% longer than the same journey would take in uncongested conditions.

Overall, the most congested cities in the country are London, Manchester, Belfast, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Glasgow, while the countrys worst traffic bottleneck is the stretch of the M5 in Birmingham heading towards its junction with the M6.

In 2009/10, this was congested for 63 hours a week, with average speeds of just 15mph.

The approach to the Blackwall Tunnel in London was the second-worst bottleneck, with the M25 around London and the M8 in Glasgow responsible for seven of the other top 10 blackspots.

Inrix gathers its data from more than three million vehicles on the road every day, which it then combines with information from road sensors, traffic accident and incident data and other resources. This is then used to provide what it says is the most comprehensive and accurate traffic information available.

With many drivers paying over 117.1p at petrol stations and roads clogged with traffic congestion on average 35 hours a week across the countrys 25 worst bottlenecks, says the company, traffic continues to have a major impact on consumers, the economy and the environment.

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