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What Car? Staff
21 October 2009

Tokyo motor show highlights on video
Join producer Iain Reid on the floor of the 41st Tokyo motor show.

The theme of the show is small, efficient cars for a green future, but that doesn't mean that it's all just plug-in power that's on offer.

Lexus has provided the high-octane excitement for the petrolheads with its LFA supercar. Have a look at this 500bhp, 200mph, 340,000 beast right here.

Predictably, though, the main focus of the show is on hybrid and electric vehicles. Honda, Subaru and Nissan are among the manufacturers flouting their green credentials at the show and we've got them all covered.

Many of the more futuristic electric concept cars won't make it into production, but one that will is Nissan's all-electric Leaf. Check it out in the metal right here.