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* Alarming disparities... * ...between MoT testing stations * System is not fit for purpose...

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What Car? Staff
25 Aug 2011 08:01 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

A VOSA spokesperson said: MoT testers must be experienced mechanics and must hold a relevant qualification.

Parts of the MoT test do have to be subjective and therefore rely upon testers to exercise their engineering judgment. It is refreshing to see that, when tester discretion is included, there is a large degree of consistency between the garages in your survey.

However, a number of your findings have caused VOSA some concern, which we will address with the garages involved.

What Car? says
If the MoT test is working properly, all of the test stations we visited should have come up with the same results for our car. Not all of the faults that our RAC engineer found were simple pass-or-fail points, but we have to be concerned when some of these areas have been missed altogether.

When theres so much disparity between different garages, we think the Government would be better advised to scrap its plan for bi-annual MoT tests, and focus instead on tightening up the current system.