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Mini Watch: for him
Everyone knows someone who is a big fan of the Mini, so why not give him this watch? It comes with Swiss quartz mechanism, date display, 43mm stainless steel case and a black nylon strap. It is also water-resistant and comes in black.
Price: 102.92

Mini Speedometer Watch: For her
Looks great and encapsulates the Mini's funky image. The speedometer design cleverly captures the spirit of the cheeky, but timeless icon whose name it bears. The perfect gift for just about anyone.
Price: 110.84

Ferrari Pit Crew watch
The watch is manufactured using aluminium and titanium parts, giving it a suitably prosperous and sporty appearance. The Scuderia logo is also never far from the eyes' gaze, so no-one will be left in any doubt as to the timepiece's dynastic DNA. A two-year warranty is also included.
Price: 216.94

911 jewelled watch with Swarovski crystals
The 911 ladies watch comes with a solid stainless steel case encrusted with Swarovski crystals and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal face. The classic 911 digits also adorn the face.
Price: 189.00

MG Classic Chronograph watch
Housed in a high grade, solid stainless steel case, this watch has been designed exclusively for MG. The watch-face carries the marque's logo, with the design of the watch successfully capturing the essence of MG's classic heritage brand.
Price: 68.50