'We already own the roads'

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'We already own the roads'

'What a preposterous piece of 'spin'! We already 'own' the roads: they are a national network and an essential part of national infrastructure available to just about all.

'It used to be referred to as the 'Queen's Highway' and those who drive any sort of motorised vehicle on them have for years paid taxes and duties for the privilege way more than what has been put into the system in the way of maintenance, let alone any much-needed improvements or new-builds.

'By throwing all revenue into the general taxation 'pot' we have been 'robbed'. This could be remedied and the roads brought up to scratch by the ring-fencing of just a portion of what is collected.

'Giving 'shares' is therefore something of an illusion that would probably do nothing to get us decent roads.

'Any form of road pricing, by whatever name it may be disguised, would be a huge expense to install and deliver, require surveillance to enforce it that has civil liberty and privacy implications, and would be a step back into the dark days of turnpikes.

'They, in their day, were extremely unpopular and were abandoned when, by and large, they failed to do their job.'
Ian Taylor

'What a stupid idea as we, the public, already own the roads.

'There is also a problem with the figures quoted, as I pay 175 a year road tax, and do 5000 miles each year approx since I retired.

'At 10 pence per mile, that would cost me 500! The figures don't make sense, as I'd be paying far more than at present.
Chas Lankester