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What Car? Staff
2 Dec 2010 16:52 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

You trust us to give you the best advice when it comes to buying cars, but would you do the same for your music?

We've created the What Car? Driving Collection, made up from our team's favourite tracks.

Have a look at our collection and, if you like it, why not click the link at the bottom of the page and head over to iTunes where you can buy the tracks.

Do you think we should keep the day job?

What Car? Driving Collection:
Playlist Notes: As part of What Car?'s 2010 Christmas gift guide, we've put together a compilation of our favourite driving tracks.

Each of the tracks has been submitted by a What Car? staff member, so see what you think and maybe download a few. Enjoy...

From: Steve Fowler: What Car? editor-in-chief
Get It On (Bang a Gong) - The Power Station

From: Steve Fowler: What Car? editor-in-chief
Black or White - Michael Jackson

From: Steve Fowler: What Car? editor-in-chief
The Other Side of Love - Yazoo

From: Peter Lawton: whatcar.com deputy editor
Black Monk Theme 1 - The Fall

From: Will Nightingale: What Car? consumer reporter
Bring It On Down - Oasis

From: Leo Wilkinson: What Car? deputy road test editor
Elegy for All the Dead Rock Stars - Thurston Moore

From: Pete Barden: whatcar.com production sub editor
Coma Girl - Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros

From: Roger Stansfield: What Car? associate editor
Child of Vision (Remastered) - Supertramp

From: Barnaby Jones: What Car? deputy production editor
Dixie/ Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd

From: Rosie McMahon: What Car? deputy data editor
Star Guitar - The Chemical Brothers

From: Andy Pringle: whatcar.com content editor
Jesus Built My Hotrod - Ministry

From: Alex Newby: What Car? deputy editor
American Pie (Radio Edit) - Don McLean

From: Euan Doig: What Car? production editor
Kickstart My Heart - Mtley Cre

From: Jim Holder: What Car? magazine editor
The Whole of the Moon - The Waterboys

From: Iain Reid: whatcar.com producer
MGV (Musique Grande Vitesse) 1993 - Michael Nyman & Michael Nyman Band and Orchestra

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