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What Car? Electric Car Charging Survey

Own an electric car and struggled to use public chargers, or found them easy to use? Tell us so we can reveal the best and worst charging networks...

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As more of us switch to electric cars it’s vital that there’s the right infrastructure to charge them up quickly and easily. After all, it's estimated that only a quarter of UK motorists have access to a driveway for home charging, so a growing number of drivers will be relying on the public car charging network.

The good news is that the number of public charging points is increasing every day. There are currently more than 57,500 in around 20,900 locations.

The cost of charging up varies greatly between providers, though, as does the speed at which units will replenish batteries. Some charging point providers allow you to turn up and 'pay as you go' for a charge, but others require customers to download an app or register online before they can plug in and top up.

To find out which are the best and worst public charging networks, we've launched the What Car? Electric Car Charging Survey.

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So, if you’ve used a public charger recently, we want to know if it was easy to use, good value for money and in good working order or broken, plus whether the whole process was a breeze or overly complicated. 

If you're one of the lucky ones who can charge your car at home, we'd like to hear about your experiences of home charging. Did you have a long wait for your charger to be installed, is it easy enough to use, and has it performed perfectly since then? We'd love to hear all about it.

We’ll use the information you give us to rate public charging companies and the firms that install and operate home chargers. Our results will mean that anyone who runs an electric car can be confident that they're picking the best providers when they need to top up the battery.

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