What Car? Electric Car Home Charger Survey

If you own an electric car and have a home charger, we'd love to hear from you. Complete our survey to help us reveal the best suppliers and wallboxes...

EV home charger

As more of us switch to electric cars it’s important for owners to be able to charge them up as cheaply and conveniently as possible, and in most cases that means having a home charger.

There are several benefits to having your own charging point – not least the convenience of being able to plug in your electric vehicle (EV) overnight and replenish its batteries for less than you'd pay at a public charging point.

Many home units will provide a 7kW charge, which is not all that quick, but is double the speed of using a conventional household socket. Your energy supplier might offer an EV-friendly electricity tariff with lower pence per unit rates during off-peak hours to help you keep the cost of charging to a minimum.

Although some car manufacturers will fit a home charger if you buy a new vehicle, it can cost more than £1000 to buy a charger and have it installed. Either way, you'll want to know you're getting one that works well and suits your needs.

OVO Energy V2G charger

If you intend to make the most of cheap overnight charging rates, you might want one that is easy to programme to switch on and off at set times. And if you have solar panels or other energy-saving tech, you might want a charger that can work alongside it.

To find out which are the best and worst home charger brands, and which wallboxes are the most intelligent and easy to use, we've launched the What Car? Electric Car Home Charger Survey.

We'd like to hear about your experiences of home charging. Did you have a long wait for your charger to be installed, is it easy enough to use, and has it performed perfectly or been a pain to programme? 

We’ll use the information you give us to rate the home charging companies and the units they fit. Our results will mean that anyone who runs an electric car can be confident that they're picking the best providers when they need to top up the battery.

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