What next for the T.27?

* T.27 ready in 16 months * Technology could be licensed * Seeking 'right badge'...

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5 Nov 2009 16:58 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

Murray's unique assembly system is called iStream, and is central to the production of both the T25 and the T.27.

The iStream system needs only a fifth of the space and set-up costs of a normal production line, and takes into account sustainability throughout the manufacture, use and scrappage of the car rather than just tailpipe emissions.

What badge will these cars wear?
One crucial factor, admits Murray, will be to get a production partner who can give the T.27 the 'right badge' to boost acceptance. 'It has to look different because of the geometry of the car, but if we could attach a cool brand to it, we would have got it made.'

Petrol and diesel aren't dead yet
Murray is under no illusions that electric cars will replace petrol and diesel vehicles to any significant extent in the near future.

'Petrol and diesel has still got a long way to go,' he said. 'They are superb as fuels and we are not going to get the same energy density from electric batteries.'

He also believes the take-up of electric vehicles will vary enormously from country to country. 'The States will adopt early, I suppose, but in somewhere such as India they are light-years away,' he said.