What the papers say: December 11

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What the papers say: December 11
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What Car? Staff
11 Dec 2008 17:01

What car-related news is making the national press today? Find out here with our daily review.

Road pricing under threat after Manchester revolt
The Times reports that the future of road pricing is in the balance as other towns and cities await the result of tomorrow's referendum in Manchester. More than 1.9 million of the city's residents have been balloted on a plan to charge drivers up to 5-a-day to drive in certain areas of the city. The paper says that schemes in Cambridge, Bristol and Leeds could be cancelled in the wake of a 'no' vote in Manchester.

Police chief facing revolt over drink-drive targets
A chief constable is facing a revolt among rank and file officers over driving-related performance targets, according to The Daily Telegraph. Richard Brunstrom is being criticised by officers for the growing amount of paperwork they have to complete in order to meet targets. One officer was told to stand outside a school until he had booked five motorists for not wearing a seatbelt.
The Daily Telegraph

Formula for change
The Daily Mail reports on a meeting of Formula One bosses, who are looking for ways to cut the financial demands imposed by the sport. The move comes amid fears that more teams could pull out due to falling road car sales. Renault's monthly sales in the UK are down 63.99% year on year; Mercedes' figures are down 57.22%; Toyota by 40.77%, with BMW's sales falling 40.72%.
The Daily Mail

Ecclestone not worried by Honda's exit
A report in The Daily Telegraph says that Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone isn't unduly worried by the demise of Honda's F1 team. Quoting Ecclestone as saying that Honda was 'no great loss', he pointed to the team's lack of success on the race track. He claimed they wasted millions and were a bad example to other teams.
The Daily Telegraph

Formula One could exit cost Honda 100 million
Unless a buyer is found for its F1 team, Honda's decision to leave the sport could cost it over 100 million, according to the Times. Apart from paying up to 24 million in compensation to Jenson Button, who had just signed a new three-year contract, the company will also face redundancy payments to some of the sports highest earners.

US car industry bail-out al most in the bag
The Times reports that Washington has reached a 'tentative' agreement on the planned 15 billion (10.1 billion) bail-out of America's beleaguered auto industry. The plan should help safeguard up to three million jobs and will run over a period of seven years.

Chrysler, Ford and GM feel wrath of the internet
The Times carries details of a viral e-mail, referring to the planned US state bail-out, that has been arriving in thousands of American inboxes. The e-mail reads: 'You wouldn't buy our s####y cars, so we'll be taking your money anyway. The bail-out, coming this January.'

Car sales plunge in India
New car sales in India fell by nearly a fifth last month, according to the Times. The fall in sales was the sharpest in eight years.