What the papers say: December 12

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What the papers say: December 12

What car-related news is making the national press today? Find out here with our daily review.

Drivers could be charged to park at work Do you have a private workplace parking space? The Times reports you could soon be charged 350 a year to park in it. The paper says the Department for Transport has published proposals to raise money to improve public transport and dissuade workers from driving to work. Nottingham City council is to impose a levy of 185 per space, from April 2010.
The Financial Times

US aid package for car makers
Unaware that the US car industrys bail-out plan had been rejected, the Financial Times carries a feature on the high price of survival for US car makers. The paper lists the conditions that would be attached to any deal. Among the many conditions, manufacturers would have their industry overseen by a 'car tsar' who would have wide-ranging powers to veto management decisions and refuse spending over $100 million. Senior executives would also be refused bonuses, or any other incentives, while the Government loan remained outstanding.
The Financial Times

Sweden's car makers offered state loan
The Financial Times reports that the Swedish Government has offered state cash to ensure the future of its domestic car industry. Volvo and Saab have both welcomed the move, while their troubled parent companies, Ford and GM, struggle to obtain funding of their own in America.
The Financial Times

US car makers' problems hit Euro shares
Uncertainty over the bail-out loan for Americas car makers has sent shockwaves through the European sector. Shares in Daimler and BMW yesterday fell 3% and 0.8% respectively, while Peugeot lost 1.7% and Fiat dropped 5%.
The Financial Times

Toyota cuts ales targets for 2009
The Daily Telegraph reports that Toyota has further cut it sales expectations for 2009. The Japanese manufacturer has reduced its 2009 sales targets by 7%.
The Daily Telegraph

The Olympic lanes
The Daily Mail reports that more than 250 miles of UK roads could be reserved for VIPs during the 2012 Olympics. Motorists who stray on to the roads, including stretches of the M25, could be fined up to 5000, according to the paper.
Daily Mail

Big changes likely for Formula One The Financial Times speculates that the landscape of Formula One is to change markedly, as the FIA meets in Monaco. Proposed changes include, the availability of a standard engine should teams require it, a ban on testing during the season, and restrictions on the use of wind tunnels.
The Financial Times

Hamilton warns against changes
The Times reports that Formula One world champion has warned the FIA that too much standardisation of engines and gearboxes would ruin the sport.