What the papers say: January 7

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7 Jan 2009 11:44 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

We review the car-related news in today's papers.

UK new car sales skid by 20%
The Times says that the British car industry will suffer a fresh blow today when new figures are expected to show that car sales fell by 20% in December. The paper says the doom is compounded by doubts over the willingness of the Government to provide a bail-out package for the troubled industry.
The Times

2008 cars sales
The Daily Telegraph reports that new car sales for 2008 are expected to have fallen by 10% from the 2007 figure. The paper also says that industry experts fear 2009 will be the worst for 15 years.
The Daily Telegraph

UK car makers offered talks
The Financial Times reports that the UK car industry has been offered its first formal talks with Government ministers since November. The move comes amid increasing pressure for a multi-million pound aid package to ease the financial woes of manufacturers reeling from a further drop in sales. The move has been initiated by Business Secretary Lord Mandelson.
The Financial Times

Car insurance to rocket
The Daily Mail reports that insurance brokers are warning car insurance premiums could soar by up to 20%. The paper says a rise in fraud and personal injury claims are to blame. The average bill for a driver with full no-claims bonus could rise from 400 to 480, according to the paper.
Daily Mail

High-polluters will pay more to park
Drivers of high-polluting cars will face increased parking charges, according to The Daily Telegraph. The scheme, being introduced by Richmond-Upon-Thames Council, will result in owners of such cars paying up to 1.90 an hour to park, while those with smaller, cleaner cars will pay just 1.20 an hour. The scheme is expected to be adopted by other councils, too.
The Daily Telegraph

The world watches Detroit
US car makers, who are assembling for the Detroit motor show this week, are under pressure to come up with fresh ideas to reverse the slump in sales, according to The Times. The paper says there will be particular focus on Chrysler and General Motors, which have all been temporarily bailed-out by the US taxpayer.
The Times

Toyota slows domestic production
Toyota is to halt production at most of its domestic plants for an additional 11 days in February and March, according to the Financial Times. The move has been blamed on the global decline in sales and the poor performance of the Japanese Yen.
The Financial Times

The million pound camera
A motorway speed camera has been revealed as the most profitable in Britain, according to the Daily Mail. The camera, located on the M11 at its junction with the A406, has generated nearly 1 million in fines. Yet accidents on the stretch of road have also risen by 25% with casualties increasing almost 50% since the camera was installed.
Daily Mail

Footballer escapes driving ban
The Times reports that the Newcastle United player Obafemi Martins, 24, has escaped a driving ban after being caught speeding at 106mph in a 70mph limit. He was fined 550 at Newcastle Magistrates' Court.
The Times

Cold blast hits motorists
Thousands of motorists have been left stranded as cold weather tightened its grip on the UK, according to The Times. The paper says that motoring organisations have reported receiving twice the usual number of emergency breakdown calls. Temperatures yesterday dropped below -10C.
The Times

Sat-nav the kids
A new sat-nav device to track children is on the way, according to the Daily Mail. Moving out of the car and on to the kids' wrists, parents will be able to track their children to within a radius of 10ft. The manufacturers claim it could help reduce congestion as parents feel they can allow kids to walk to school instead of being driven.
Daily Mail