What the papers say: November 10

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10 Nov 2008 10:5 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

What car-related news is making the national press today? Find out here with our daily review.

Car crisis talks
Car industry bosses are calling for an urgent meeting with ministers in an attempt to safeguard thousands of jobs. They want Business Secretary Lord Mandelson to scrap increases in new vehicle excise duty, and to provide companies with incentives to renew their ageing car fleets.
The Sun

Average speed cameras
Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon has hinted that average speed cameras could replace so-called 'spot cameras' on the UK's roads. He claims the new cameras are fairer, but motoring groups warn they could actually increase the casualties they're supposed to reduce.
The Telegraph

Chrysler relieved after GM pulls out
The Financial Times reports that as much as Chrysler needs a saviour, few will be disappointed that it will not come in the form of General Motors. Huge job losses and dealer closures had been feared if the GM deal had been completed.
The Financial Times
More on the US car market's cash crisis here

The end of 'platespeak'
Could a proposed new law signal the end of this strange language found on personalised numberplates? One MP wants registration plate rules to be relaxed, allowing drivers to say what they actually mean. Bottom should be BOTTOM, not BOT 70M according to Essex Tory MP James Duddridge
The Independent

Bond's Vauxhall blooper
Did you notice the continuity error during the opening car chase in Bond's latest movie, Quantum of Solace? There's a Vauxhall Corsa with an Italian numberplate when we all know they are badged Opel in continental Europe.
The Guardian

Long-stay car park
The Telegraph pictures rows of unsold Land Rovers, as part of their 'credit crunch special'.
The Telegraph

Formula 'drum' champ Lewis
Lewis Hamilton swapped driving gloves for drumstick during a visit to an open day at the Mercedes factory in Stuttgart, Germany.
The Sun

Flying car
The Times reports on a British engineer who has created a fan-powered flying car. Gilo Cardozo intends to fly/drive from London to the Sahara in order to prove it really works.
The Times