What the papers say: November 25

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What the papers say: November 25

What car-related news is making the national press today? Find out here with our daily review.

Car industry welcomes tax rise re think
The Financial Times reports that the Chancellor's Pre-Budget Report has received a 'muted' welcome from the UK car industry. It says the decision to curb VED road tax increases was applauded by the industry, but attacked by environmental group Greenpeace.
Financial Times

No change for fuel prices
The Financial Times calculates that 50 litres of fuel, costing 91p-a-litre, will now cost 45.68 as opposed to 45.40 before Alistair Darling's Pre-Budget report. The cut in VAT and increase in fuel duty has left the price of fuel relatively unchanged for the immediate future.
Financial Times

Fuel duty increase
The Daily Telegraph looks further ahead than The Financial Times and reports that fuel duty increases will result in a 6p-a-litre rise in fuel prices by 2010. However, the paper believes that the anger felt because of this, was tempered by the Chancellor's 'climbdown' over plans to increase road tax.
The Telegraph

Fuel increase costs us 300 million
The Daily Mail continues with a fuel duty theme and puts a price on the increases that are planned over coming months. The paper says the rise in duty will cost the UK's motorists an extra 300 million each year.
Daily Mail

Son for David Coulthard
Former Formula One driver David Coulthard has become a dad, reports The Sun. The star's fiancee, Karen Minier, gave birth to 6lb 3oz Dayton on Friday. David is also celebtating a new job as part of BBC1's new F1 coverage for the 2009 season.
The Sun

Sleeping pill danger
The Daily Mail reports how commonly prescribed sleeping pills can cause people to crash their car the day after taking them. Research has also revealed that men and younger drivers are more likely to crash than women after taking the pills.
Daily Mail

Kia rules the streets of Iran
With the demise of the Pakyan, a box-shaped saloon based on the Hillman Imp, Iran's motorists have fallen in love with a car built under licence from Kia Motors. The Pride is now 'king' of Iran's roads, three years after their largest car maker stopped producing the British-inspired Pakyan.
Financial Times

Downturn for India's car sales
Car sales in India fell 6.6% in October compared with the same period in 2008. Figures are predicted to fall 4% for the year ending March 2009 and 10% for the same period in 2009.
Financial Times