What you need to know about driving an electric car

From how it looks inside to how it performs, driving an electric car can be different to anything else on the road. Here, we talk you through what to expect...

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Sitting behind the wheel of any new car is always an exciting experience. But what about sitting behind the wheel of an electric car? Electric cars are rapidly growing in popularity in the UK, with official figures revealing a 76% rise in electric car purchases within the past year. And it's easy to see why, with more people being drawn to the idea of one thanks to their relatively cheap running costs and green credentials. 

But before you make the switch, there are a few major things that differentiate an electric car from a combustion-engine one; not only is the driving experience very different, but you'll have to plan journeys around your vehicle’s battery level and range. So here, we explain the key things to know about driving an electric car. 

Many of these points will also apply to plug-in hybrid cars, because just like electric cars, they also feature an electric motor and batteries. That's until the power runs out, and then a normal engine steps in. 

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