What your car colour means about you

* Psychologists reveal colour meanings * Silver shows off your wealth * Blue hints at peaceful personality...

What your car colour means about you

You've chosen the car you want, the engine to power it and the trim level that suits your needs best. Now all you need to do is choose the colour of your bodywork.

Given how long you spend in or around your car, it's a crucial decision but according to research it may be more crucial than even you've realised.

That's because psychologists now say that the colour of your car has strong links to your personality, sending subliminal messages to people all around you about what sort of person you are.

So, before you tick that box on the order form, take a look at what the psychologists say below.

What your colour choice means about you

1 Silver A driver who wants to give the impression of wealth and prestige

2 Blue Peaceful and serene drivers who value relationships over money

3 Black A desire to stamp authority on other road users

4 Red Passionate and a little wild, likes to take charge of any situation

5 Grey A sign of stability and reliability

6 Green A conscientious driver who tries to smooth over tense situations

7 Purple A self-assured driver with a love of all things beautiful;

8 Yellow Confident and not afraid to let out one's inner child

9 Gold A desire to express independence

10 Orange A sign of a happy person who enjoys being unique and craves attention.