What's been done?

* Concept car from Mugen * 237bhp from reworked engine * Production version by the end of the year?...

What's been done?

What's been done?
Don't go thinking that the fierce new bodykit is just for show. The bonnet, bumpers and front wings have all been replaced with composite panels to reduce weight.

The five seats have been ripped out and replaced by two lightweight Recaro racing seats. The Mugen concept car has shed a massive 105kg compared with the standard Type R.

Then there's the reworked engine. We won't bore you with every detail, but Mugen has applied all sorts of extensive modifications to the 2.0-litre i-VTEC engine, and there's a new exhaust system as well.

Power has been increased from 197bhp to 237bhp, pulling power climbs from 143lb ft to 157lb ft, and the engine now revs to a dizzy 8500rpm compared with the standard car's 8000rpm.

There have been some pretty radical changes underneath, too. The shock absorbers and springs are all-new, and the whole suspension has new, finely tuned settings.

The front brakes have been upgraded, featuring bigger discs and new front calipers that have been developed by Mugen specifically for this car.