Which car brands offer the biggest new car discounts?

Some car makers consistently offer larger discounts than others – use our guide to grab a great saving...

Volkswagen T-Cross with Target Price logo

Exclusive What Car? research has revealed the car brands offering the largest discounts to UK car buyers. Yesterday, we named the models you're able to save the most on, with the Fiat Tipo family hatchback Britain's most heavily discounted new car. Today, we're continuing with the brands that offer the best new car deals.

Below, we reveal which brands are willing to discount the most through our New Car Buying service. We'll also tell you which models in each brand's range are available with the biggest savings, as well as the models on which dealers are unlikely to budge on price. And you can read more about each model, or see if a What Car? dealer in your area is prepared to offer an even bigger discount to secure your business, by clicking the relevant links.


Save an average of 9.09% or £2168 per car with What Car?

Most heavily discounted model: Vauxhall Grandland X – save £5945

Save money on a new Vauxhall Grandland X with What Car? >>

New Vauxhall Grandland X vs used Audi Q5: which is best?

The largest of Vauxhall's X-branded range of SUVs shares its underpinnings with the Peugeot 3008, and offers many of the same space and practicality benefits as that car. Most versions come with a decent level of equipment, and the engines on offer benefit from low CO2 emissions. Its infotainment system can be sluggish to use, though.

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Least discounted model: Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer – save £1069

Save money on a new Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer with What Car? >>

Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer front

If you need more space than the regular Vauxhall Astra family hatchback can offer, the Sports Tourer estate version is a logical next step. It's not quite as big inside or as practical as the Skoda Octavia Estate, but impresses with a comfortable ride and competitive pricing, made even more tempting with our discounts.

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Save an average of 10.41% or £4758 per car with What Car?

Most heavily discounted model: BMW i8 – save £22,000

Save money on a new BMW i8 with What Car? >>

BMW i8

If you don't think electrified cars can be fun to drive, think again; the BMW i8 uses its electricity to boost performance, as well as to lower your fuel bills. It feels pleasantly quick, and is as futuristic inside as is it on the outside. Even better, it's a plug-in hybrid, so you can enjoy blasting along country roads without using an ounce of fuel and in near silence, at least until the battery runs out and the 1.5-litre petrol engine starts up.

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Least discounted model: BMW M135i – save £2090

Save money on a new BMW M135i with What Car? >>

BMW M135i front three quarters

The M135i has all the ingredients needed to make a great hot hatchback – a turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol engine, four-wheel drive to give you more traction on greasy roads, and a pedigree in this market that made the previous M140i one of our favourites. The M135i is outstanding to drive, being even more fun than its rivals while also remaining comfortable enough for everyday use, although its engine could sound fruitier. We also like its easy-to-use infotainment system.

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Save an average of 10.99% or £1834 per car

Smart ForTwo EQ 2020 front tracking LHD

There are currently no deals available on Smart models through What Car? New Car Buying. This is because the Smart range is currently being overhauled to be completely electric. Check back soon for the latest discounts, or read our review of the Smart Fortwo EQ electric city car by following the link below.

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Save an average of 11.02% or £5076 per car with What Car?

Most heavily discounted model: Mercedes S-Class saloon – save £19,428

Save money on a new Mercedes S-Class with What Car? >>

Mercedes S-Class

Whether you're driving or being driven, the Mercedes S-Class is an exceptionally comfortable luxury saloon, offering all of the space, quality and gadgets that a buyer in this market might be looking for. We love its comfortable ride and composed handling, as well as its great refinement, which means you can cross entire countries and still feel fresh at the end of your journey. Italian Riviera, anyone?

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Least discounted model: Mercedes-AMG E63 – save £2316

Save money on a new Mercedes-AMG E63 with What Car? >>

New BMW M5 vs Mercedes-AMG E63 S

Think of the E63 as being like the regular Mercedes E-Class saloon turned up to 11 – it's still as comfortable and as plush inside as you'd expect an E-Class to be, but is also hiding a stonking engine beneath its bonnet. In this case, that engine is a 4.0-litre V8 petrol with 563bhp on offer – enough to make the E63 feel nothing short of ferocious when you're really hustling it along. It offers a terrific engine noise, too.

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Save an average of 11.09% or £3613 per car with What Car?

Most heavily discounted model: Volkswagen Passat Estate – save £6963

Save money on a new Volkswagen Passat Estate with What Car? >>

Volkswagen Passat Estate GTE 2019 front wide tracking shot

This load-lugging version of the Volkswagen Passat makes an excellent estate car. It has a spacious and practical interior, an easy-going driving style which makes for comfortable long-distance trips, and there's a wide range of engines on offer, including a plug-in hybrid variant called the GTE. It's more expensive than some rivals, including the award-winning Skoda Superb Estate, but our discounts mean that shouldn't be a problem.

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Least discounted model: Volkswagen T-Cross – save £798

Save money on a new Volkswagen T-Cross with What Car? >>

Volkswagen T-Cross driving

The T-Cross is one of our favourite small SUVs, impressing with its spacious interior, smooth ride and vast array of safety kit. The interior may be a little dull – we recommend opting for one of the colour packs to brighten it up a bit – but the T-Cross is still a fabulous all-rounder in this market.

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Save an average of 11.61% or £2375 per car with What Car?

Most heavily discounted model: Suzuki Ignis – save £1242

Save money on a new Suzuki Ignis with What Car? >>

Suzuki Ignis 2019 front

The Ignis is proof that size doesn't matter, because despite being one of the smallest SUVs on sale, the Ignis still offers plenty of space relative to its footprint. It also comes with a generous amount of kit, and is even available as an economy-boosting mild hybrid. That it's also cheap to buy only sweetens the deal, and helps to make up for its fidgety ride and vague steering.

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Least discounted model: Suzuki Vitara – save £4372

Save money on a new Suzuki Vitara with What Car? >>

Suzuki Vitara

If value for money is your top priority when shopping for a small SUV, you should definitely consider the Vitara because it offers lots of bang for your buck, especially if you stick with the lower trim levels. It can be noisy on the motorway and resale values are only so-so, but there's still a lot to like here. Opt for our recommended 1.0-litre petrol engine for the best – and most economical – ownership experience.

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Save an average of 11.68% or £3222 per car with What Car?

Most heavily discounted model: Skoda Superb Estate – save £5674

Save money on a new Skoda Superb Estate with What Car? >>

Skoda Superb Estate 2019 wide left cornering RHD

The Skoda Superb Estate is currently our reigning champion in this market. Why? It takes everything we love about the regular Superb executive car – its big and comfortable interior, for example, and its strong range of engines – and adds a boot that's truly enormous. This is a car that can swallow your family and all their luggage, and still have room left over for a load of holiday shopping. It's cavernous, then, but also represents real value for money.

Skoda Kamiq driving

The Kamiq is a five-star small SUV which majors on being extremely practical. Indeed, it can carry more luggage than most of its rivals, but also beats several of them again for interior quality. Its comfortable ride also impresses, but watch out if you're expecting a high-set driving position; the Kamiq places you fairly low down in the car, so you'll feel more like you're driving a regular family car than a big off-roader.

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Save an average of 14.11% or £3667 per car with What Car?

Most heavily discounted model: Nissan GT-R – save £6960

Save money on a new Nissan GT-R with What Car? >>

Nissan GT-R

The fact that you can save almost £7000 on a car that's as exciting to drive as the GT-R shows why our Target Price deals are worth paying attention to. The GT-R offers huge power and grip, and even represents decent value for money if performance-per-pound is what you're after – thanks largely to its storming V6 petrol engine. What might surprise you is that it's even relatively practical.

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Least discounted model: Nissan Leaf – save £1377

Save money on a new Nissan Leaf with What Car? >>

Nissan Leaf front - 19 plate

The Leaf has been championing the cause of pure electric motoring for some time now, and in 62kWh form can go further than ever, managing to cover 217 miles between charges on our Real Range tests. It offers punchy performance, lots of standard kit, and a big boot. It's still rather expensive, though, especially if you go for the bigger battery, so our discount is worth noting on top of the government's current grant of £3500 for electric vehicles.

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Save an average of 15.56% or £4071 per car with What Car?

Least discounted model: Seat Arona – save £2591

Save money on a new Seat Arona with What Car? >>

Seat Arona

Seat's smallest SUV is good to drive and fairly cheap to own, especially if you opt for our recommended 94bhp 1.0-litre petrol engine. On the practicality front, the Arona is roomier inside than most rivals, and, with depreciation predicted to be slow, you should get a decent chunk of your money back when it becomes time to sell.

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Most heavily discounted model: Seat Leon Estate – save £4587

Save money on a new Seat Leon Estate with What Car? >>

Seat Leon ST 1.5 TSI Evo SE

Like the Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer we saw earlier, this Leon Estate aims to be a more spacious and practical choice than the family hatchback on which it's based. Sure enough, there's decent boot space on offer as well as lots of kit. This Leon could be a savvy buy at the moment, too, because the fact that a new Leon Estate is on the way – the 2020 Seat Leon family hatchback has recently been revealed – means that dealers are more willing than ever to do a deal.

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Save an average of 16.44% or £4431 per car with What Car?

Most heavily discounted model: Citroen Grand C4 Spacetourer – save £7738

Citroën Grand C4 Spacetourer

Need space for seven people but don't want an SUV? a people carrier will likely be your next port of call, and the Grand C4 Spacetourer is a great example of that class. Most versions come jam-packed with kit – our recommended Feel trim comes with sat-nav and front parking sensors, for example – and because of the C4's relatively boxy shape, it's easy to see out of.

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Least discounted model: Citroen C1 – save £1902

Save money on a new Citroen C1 with What Car? >>

Citroën C1 Urban Ride front

The C1 is Citroen's city car, and is well suited to life in the urban sprawl, with light steering that makes short work of tight city streets. You'll need to work the sole 1.0-litre petrol engine on offer hard to extract its best performance, but it should at least be economical, returning 54mpg in our True MPG tests. There's scope to personalise the way your C1 looks inside and out through various colour packs, too.

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