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BMW 8 Series Convertible review

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What you’re looking at here is a four-wheeled foregone conclusion. At the end of the day, if you’re going to build a big, posh coupe, you might as well make a drop top version as well. So with the predictability of bank holiday washout, we present the BMW 8 Series Convertible.

Like its tin-topped sibling, you’ve a choice of six-cylinder diesel or V8 petrol engines that drive all four wheels via an eight-speed automatic gearbox. Even the meekest 8 Series Convertible can fire from 0-62mph in a rapid 5.2sec, while the V8 manages the same sprint in a mere 3.9sec. In the fullness of time, there will also be a six-cylinder petrol model and a super high-performance M8.

It’s not just fast in a straight line, either. At the heart of the 8 Series is a platform that combines high-strength steel, aluminium, magnesium and carbonfibre-reinforced plastic. This makes it significantly lighter than its Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet and Bentley Continental rivals and improves structural stiffness, making it feel less wobbly over rough roads than some rivals.

Capitalising on this, BMW has decided against making the 8 Series Convertible an air-sprung wafter of a convertible. Instead, every model gets conventional steel springs with adaptive dampers that can be set for comfort, sportier driving or left to adapt to your driving style. There’s also four-wheel steering to boost low-speed agility as well as high-speed stability. If that’s not enough, there’s even the option of active anti-roll bars to all-but eliminate body lean.

To find out how it compares to drop-top rivals such as the Porsche 911 Cabriolet and high-spec versions of the Jaguar F-Type, keep reading for our in-depth review. Not only will we tell you what it’s like inside and what it’s like to drive, we’ll also let you know which version is best.

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