Which party will get motorists' votes?

* 43% have no faith in three main parties * 34 million motorists in UK * Fuel tax nets 25bn a year...

Which party will get motorists' votes?

What Car? can reveal that 43% of motorists surveyed have no faith in any of the main political parties.

What Car? editor Steve Fowler said: 'Our poll shows how little confidence the average motorist has in politicians.

'With more than 34 million motorists in this country, politicians would do well to listen to what they have to say.'

What Car? asked: which political party would serve motorists best?

4% Green Party
5% Liberal Democrats
11% Labour
37% Conservatives
43% none of the above

A total of 1238 motorists voted in the Whatcar.com poll between April 6 and April 13.

Motorists are having to dig deep to run their cars with costs escalating year-on-year. Car prices have risen, as have insurance premiums, while fuel costs are at an all-time high.

The Treasury gets a massive amount of revenue from motorists the 65% tax charged per litre of fuel raises around 25 billion each year alone.