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Interior upgrades for this latest version of the Renault Trafic are fairly limited, with new seat upholstery that's said to be even harder wearing and some satin chrome detailing across the dashboard. Then again, the Trafic had already undergone a pretty decent overhaul last time around, so it remains a hardy choice.

We like the visibility in the Trafic, too, which has been greatly improved by the option of a wide-angle passenger mirror within the sun visor. It appears on the Trafic and the larger Renault Master, and although it takes some getting used to, after some practice you can flip it down to the right angle very quickly and get a much clearer view of any approaching traffic at awkward junctions.

Renault makes a great deal of noise about storage space in the Trafic and continues to do so with this updated model. Although there are 90 litres of it, though, it could still be improved, because there's just one large central dashboard area that's suitable for folders or papers, plus an average-sized glovebox.

If you need the extra storage, the addition of the lidded upper glovebox on the Business+ model is of value if you want to keep items out of sight.

Renault Trafic interior
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