Used Renault Twingo 2014-present

Used Renault Twingo 2014-present review

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What used Renault Twingo hatchback will I get for my budget?

Prices for an early Renault Twingo that has been previously written off and repaired begin at just over £4000. However, you’ll probably want to bump up your budget in order to buy a car with better provenance; a Twingo with a turbocharged 0.9-litre engine will set you back £5500.

If you need an automatic gearbox, your choice is limited to the more expensive 0.9 TCe engine, which comes paired with a dual-clutch transmission. It became available from late 2015, with examples starting at £10,000.

A Twingo GT will also set you back around £10,000.

Used Renault Twingo 2014-present

How much does it cost to run a Renault Twingo hatchback?

The entry-level 1.0 SCe 70 isn’t the most efficient engine in the range, with a combined average of 56.5mpg and £30 yearly road tax. The stop/start-(S&S) equipped version of this engine is noticeably more economical at 67.3mpg combined and road tax exemption.

The turbocharged 0.9 TCe is not much more expensive to run, with a combined figure of 65.7mpg and road tax exemption.

An automatic gearbox will put a dent in the running costs of the 0.9-litre engine, pushing economy down to 58.9mpg and requiring £20 annual road tax.

The top performance Twingo is the GT model, and this is the most expensive to run. This warm hatch has an economy figure of 54.3mpg and £30 road tax.

Any Twingo registered after April 2017 will cost £140 per year to tax due to the Government’s revised road fund licence policy.


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