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Passenger & boot space

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Passenger & boot space

How it copes with people and clutter

You can opt for five, six or seven seats in your Model X. While the five-seater offers the most boot space, a three-row layout is likely to be the most popular option for the extra practicality it brings. All the seats are comfortable and mounted individually, with the front and middle row adjusting electrically.

The rearmost seats are unlocked from their initial position with a discreet button, but they need to be manually pushed into the floor or pulled back out. On rivals such as the Audi Q7 and Range Rover Sport, they can be erected and folded electrically. While adults will fit into the very rear, leg room is tight and taller individuals might find their head brushing the rear window. At least with the six-seat layout adults can stick their legs between the individual middle-row seats.

Getting into the back is easy, thanks to those falcon wing doors. They reveal a big opening with a cutout in the roof to prevent you from banging your head when strapping in a child. What’s more, the doors need only 11in of space to operate due to clever hinges. Our only complaint is that they can be slow to open and close. There’s also the danger of getting wet if you open them on a particularly rainy day.

Although the front door pockets are small, there is a big shelf under the touchscreen, a big cubby beneath this, another behind it with USB ports and cupholders under the central armrest. While there are two cupholders for middle-row passengers, there are no door pockets. That’s probably for the best, since those wacky doors would spread your stuff all over the path.

If you need even more space, there is additional storage under the bonnet – another advantage of not having a petrol or diesel engine. Although you can’t fold the middle row of seats flat, you can slide them towards the front seats and then tilt them forward, allowing you to carry long and bulky items. Handily, this can be done electrically from the touchscreen.


Tesla Model X
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