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Toyota Proace Verso
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The first thing you’ll notice when you clamber into the Proace Verso is just how high up you sit. Even with the height-adjustable driver’s seat on its lowest setting, you tower over SUVs for a truly commanding view of the road.

Visibility is for the most part very good, thanks to the Proace Verso’s boxy shape. Only the disappearing nose makes it tricky to park, since you’re never quite sure where the front bumper is. It’s also worth remembering that, while Compact and Medium versions are fairly wieldy, the Long version is, well, long. That can make finding a parking space a real chore. Strangely, although the Long model in VIP trim does at least come with parking sensors, they aren’t even an option on other variants.

Look around the interior and it’s clear that you’re in something that’s basically a van. There may be lashings of chrome-effect trim and the availability of leather seats, but the acres of hard plastic give the game away.

Family and VIP versions get a 7.0in touchscreen infotainment system with Bluetooth, a DAB radio, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone mirroring and a USB socket. It’s a fairly easy system to navigate, but some of the icons are small and it can be a bit sluggish to respond to commands. Sat-nav is optional on lower trims and standard on high-end versions.

Opt for Shuttle trim and you get a rudimentary-looking monochrome infotainment system that’s operated by good old-fashioned buttons rather than a touchscreen. It looks basic, but it does come with Bluetooth, USB connectivity and a DAB radio. The touchscreen is optional.

Toyota Proace Verso
Toyota Proace Verso
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