Coronavirus causes MOT test confusion

A reader asks if he should get his car's first MOT done even though the requirement for it has been extended for six months due to coronavirus...

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My Audi Q5 was three years old on 17 April and I had arranged to get its first MOT done on 3 April. Unfortunately the lockdown started before then, so it was postponed until later, and I was reassured that I would have six months 'amnesty’.

 My local garage has recently reopened and I called them to arrange to book the car in for the MOT. However, the garage told me they couldn’t do the test at present because my next MOT date was now showing as 19 October. I checked on the Government website and it has changed to that date.

A number of questions arise from this. Is it pointless to arrange an MOT now before early October? If I do get the MOT done in early October, how long will it be valid for? And will my car’s MOT always be due on 19 October from now on, or will it revert back to 17 April?

I would appreciate your insight on this. 

Jon Gardner

What Car? says...

The six-month period granted by the Government is an extension to all MOT tests that were due from or after 30 March, hence the reason your car doesn't need its first MOT until October. There is no need for you to get an MOT for the car before this time. 

MOT test centre sign


The MOT extension scheme works on a rolling monthly basis, enabling car owners and garages to stagger the volume of vehicles needing to be tested each month. So anyone whose car was due an MOT in May will now have until November to get it done. 

When affected cars get new MOT certificates they will last for the standard 12 months, and that will mean that your car’s MOT will be due on 19 October each year rather than reverting back to April. 

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