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If you want to make your mark as a relatively new manufacturer, launching an impressive product in an incredibly popular market seems a good way to go about it.

That’s part of the masterplan for DS, and in particular the DS 3 Crossback small SUV that we’re going to tell you about here.

If you’re still not familiar with the brand, DS is the ‘premium’ division of the French PSA Group, parent company of mainstream brands CitroënPeugeot and Vauxhall.

The DS 3 name has been used before, on the brand’s first ever model: a hatchback that was initially launched as the Citroën DS3 but discarded the Citroën part of its name in 2016 to coincide with DS becoming a standalone brand. After almost a decade, that model will soon be discontinued, and the 3 Crossback is its indirect replacement. 

It joins the 7 Crossback large SUV in DS's portfolio, and it seeks to emphasise the fledgling brand’s focus on the premium side of things, as well as its chic – if you’ll indulge our GCSE language skills – French heritage. You see, it’s all very well saying you’re a premium manufacturer, but you have to have the products to back it up. So, expect swaggering design, serious scope for customisation and lots of French words in DS’s future brochures and marketing material.

Of course, at this premium end of the small SUV class, there’s more competition than you can shake a croissant at. The Volkswagen T-Roc may be lacking in interior quality, but it’s brilliant to drive and excellent value. The Mini Countryman is the practicality king of these small SUVs and has a top-notch interior, while the Audi Q2 is the best package overall.

The 3 Crossback is available with three petrol engines and one diesel engine, but unlike its rivals, there’s an electric version, too, with a 200-mile range.

Does the cosmopolitan 3 Crossback stand out from its established rivals? Read on to find out. And if you want to buy one, we can hopefully help you save some money in the process; head to the New Car Buying section on our website to find out just how much we could save you on the it and its rivals.

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