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Funny how things get viewed differently, isn’t it? Take the Kia Soul, for example: in America the college kids love its boxy but cool looks, while over here in the UK, families and those needing a fair wedge of practicality enjoy the Soul’s decent interior proportions. There’s a phrase that encompasses this, isn’t there? Ah yes, different strokes.

So whether you’re looking for cool or practical, or indeed both, the Kia is an apt and relatively affordable option, but is it the best of the SUV breed on the market? There’s certainly plenty of choice, with everything from the Nissan Juke, with its Marmite looks, to the more conventionally styled Renault Captur and Suzuki Vitara.

Read on and we’ll give you our assessment of how the Soul compares, and which engines and trims make the best sense.


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