10. Armorall Bug and Tar Wipes

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10. Armorall Bug and Tar Wipes

Best price: 4.49 (Halfords)
Capacity: 25
Type: Wipes

For: Convenient and cheapest of the wipes
Against:Not as effective as textured rivals

It took a lot of work to get results with these smooth cloths. On the plus side they came in a useful dispenser and the cleaned surface buffed to a good finish.

At 18p per wipe, the Armorall cloths are cheaper than the other wipes in this test, unfortunately the extra money for the textured Simoniz and Car Plan cloths is definitely worth it.

Ease of Use:
They eventually got through baked on remains, but took much more time than other products on test. The impregnated wipes came in a resealable, durable container, which dispensed the wipes one at time.

Special features/Limitations:
Safe to use on painted surfaces, glass and plastic, and on a wide range of contaminants.