10th: Specsavers Osiris 630 - 155

10th: Specsavers Osiris 630 - 155

Specsavers Osiris 630 Ultradrive Day
RRP 155
Best of the web 155 (Specsavers.co.uk)
Lens size 62mm


These are the only driving glasses we tested that weren't polarised. Because of that, the Orisises were well behind the pack at dealing with glare and bright sunshine. The lenses were very small, too, which meant they didn't cover our testers' full field of vision by a considerable margin.

Your 155 does include having them made to your prescription (single-vision only, not bi- or varifocal), and Specsavers is offering a 'two for one' deal at the moment. However, you'll have to pay another 30 on the second set for the Ultradrive coating, which cuts out all UV light and up to 95% of blue light. In other words, you're looking at 185 for a couple of pairs. You do get a super-sturdy hard case to keep them safe, though.

The style won't appeal to everyone, and the Osirises didn't feel as pricey as they are. The green plastic arms look and feel a bit tacky, but the lenses are made from glass. Glass isn't as tough as plastics (such as polycarbonate), but does offer a clearer image.

Special features
The Osiris Ultradrives aren't polarised (you have to pay another 60 for that), but do block UV and blue light. The price is high, but does include having them made to your prescription. They're suitable for daytime driving only.

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