1st Britax Explorer STS Ultra 159.99

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1st Britax Explorer STS Ultra 159.99

Britax Explorer STS Ultra
Colour schemes Three
Recommended Retail Price 159.99


A little more expensive than the first-placed standard STS, the Ultra has an adjustable headrest that hugs the head of your child a little better. The covers are also easier to remove when you need to throw them in the wash. Like the STS, there are four reclining positions.

Ease of operation
The STS Ultra uses the same seatbelt system as the standard STS, so you flip the seat forward to fit it. This provides plenty of room to pull the seatbelt across and ensures the seat is secured well, as a mechanism tightens the belt as you close it. There are seven height positions for the harness, and it's much easier to adjust than the standard STS. There are hooks to keep the belts out of the way while you're settling you child in.

The Ultra is only a little more expensive than the standard Britax Explorer STS and, with a host of added features, it represents very good value in our view. It is also available at below the RRP if you shop around.

The overall quality of the seat and the materials used is very high.

Special features
'Safe strap' indicators flip down to let you know when you've properly tightened the belts around your child. However, it is a little disconcerting how the indicators flip up again once you've been on the road for a while, despite the belts not visibly loosening.